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At Proximus Medical, we understand that providing you the best Financial Solution for your acquisition is key to Your and Our Success. Each situation is unique and we strive to assist you in obtaining the best possible financing options for your new investment.


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Please feel free to complete our Finance/Lease Application and fax it back to 305-501-4976 and we will get you a competitive quote right away.


We advise you from the start

Before choosing equipment it is very important to understand what will meet your needs the best today and into the future. At Proximus Medical we are happy to advise you from the start.


Our site offers quick quoting tools for your use.  Starting with our Top Sellers category, you can request a quote directly from the category that interests you or from our general Quote Request Form.  Our team will rapidly respond to your request.


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Build Your Own X-Ray Solution

In the Digital Radiography, Computerized Radiography, and Veterinary x-Ray categories there are also Build Your Own Solution Forms available. Through a simple form you can choose the equipment features you want and we will contact you to offer the best solutions.

At Proximus Medical we also have Used Equipment, always respecting the quality and service standards by which we lead the sector.

We are here to help and find the best solution for your facility. Contact us today to get started!

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