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Carestream’s new TRIMAX 35C 14x17 Wireless Cesium DR with ImageSuite MiniPACS; Combining superior image quality, lightning fast processing and low acquisition cost.




Now is the time to upgrade to full Digital Imaging

The TRIMAX 35C Detector is an affordable way to upgrade to full digital imaging. It delivers high-quality digital images to speed workflow and improve patient care. It slides right into your existing analog equipment protecting your current investment

TRIMAX 35C Features:

    • Wireless design helps minimize the infection risks and trip hazards of cables
    • Full digital technology eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity
    • Superb image quality of DR supports greater diagnostic confidence

Additional Benefits:

Considering upgrading for full digital imaging but the cost is just too much?  The TRIMAX 35C Detector makes the move to DR both simple and economical for small size hospitals, urgent care facilities and clinics. Everyone in your facility will experience the benefits:

Radiologists will appreciate the excellent image quality, improved diagno<stics, our low-dose Cesium option, and fast image capture and rendering.

Administrators will see productivity gains, more patients imaged in less time, potential space savings and higher utilization of fixed assets.

Technologists will achieve improved workflow, faster exam times, and superb ease of use.

Patients benefit from shorter wait times, quicker diagnosis, and the potential for earlier commencement of treatment.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Beam Detect Mode: eliminates cable connection to the generator to alleviate OEM service concerns, with image capture starting automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.


Size 35x43 cm


Weight 3.36 kg/ 7.3lbs.


Pixel Pitch 150um


IPX Rating 1PX1


Battery Life5 hours


Spatial Resolution3.3 lp/mm

More Information

Detector Life The detector system is specified to last 7 years under normal usage.

Detector Quality Assurance The detector must undergo gain calibration every 180 days. A reminder is built into the software. Express Calibration restores Gain Calibration and Defect Calibration and does a defect quality check. Full Calibration is the same as Express Calibration and adds quality checks for Signal Uniformity, Noise Uniformity and Dark Noise.

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