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High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit for Human Use. Compact, Lightweight - combined with XGS MKIV Stand weighs only 90lbs.


High Frequency Design

MinXray's full-wave rectified high frequency units are the most efficient portable x-ray generators in the world. Conventional units (self rectified, line frequency) are only about one-third as efficient as these technologically advanced units. Therefore, considerably more radiation output per pound of system weight is available from the MinXray HF designs. As an added benefit, the output of these units is independent of line voltage variations.... a very important feature for field use.

Extension of boom arm and complete rotation of x-ray head allows for a wide-range of positioning options - including shots at right angles.

HF100H+/XGS MKIV SW system unfolds easily and quickly to position focal spot as high as 76 inches above the floor.

HF100H+ mounted to XGS MKIV SW gas spring mobile stand makes for an easily-transported portable x-ray system that is perfect for off-site radiography.

HF100H+ and XGS MKIV SW moves like a two wheel cart. XGS stand is available with large 16" wheels XGS MKIV LW or small 10" wheels XGS MKIV SW

Additional Information

Additional Information



HF100H+ Portable X-ray Unit

Output   30 mA @ 40-60 kVDC 25 mA @ 62-80 kVDC 20 mA @ 82-100 kVDC
Timer   Ultra High Resolution 0.08-4.00 sec., 0.01 increments
Input Voltage   100-140 VAC or 200-260 VAC, specify unit
Line Voltage Adjustment   Automatic, dynamic
Internal Power Supply   Constant potential, 60 kHz, full-wave rectified
X-ray Tube   Toshiba D-124S
Focal Spot Size   1.2 mm
Anode Heat Storage   20 kHU
Total Filtration   4.2 mm Al equivalent
Collimator   Continuously adjustable light beam type with central x-ray indicator
Exposure Switch   Two stage deadman type
Exposure Cord   8 feet (2.44 meters)
Power Cord   20 feet (6.1 meters)
Size   9.5 in W x 8.75 in H x 16 in L 24.1 cm x 22.2 cm x 40.6 cm
Weight   45.5 lb (20.7 kg)


Portable Mobile Stands:

Focal Spot Distance From Floor   28 to 76 in (71 to 193 cm)
Wheel Diameter   10 in (25.4 cm)
Wheel Span (max width of stand in folded position)   20 in (51 cm)
Leg Span (max width of stand in open position)   34 in (86 cm)
Depth, open (rear of wheel to tip of leg)   42 in (107 cm)
Height, folded   48 in (122 cm)
Depth, folded   18 in (46 cm)
Weight   43 lb (19.5 kg)
Focal Spot Distance From Floor   28 to 76 in (71 to 193 cm)
Wheel Diameter   16 in (40.7 cm)Wheel Span (max width of stand in folded position) 21 in (54 cm)Leg Span (max width of stand in open position) 34 in (86 cm)Depth, open (rear of wheel to tip of leg) 45 in (115 cm)Height, folded 48 in (122 cm)Depth, folded 21 in (54 cm)Weight 45 lb (20.5 kg)

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