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MRI Featuring 0.32 Tesla magnet, anatomy specific multi-array coils, and an extra-spacious magnet opening, MrJ3300 is the new leader in Dedicated Musculoskeletal MRI.


Musculoskeletal imaging Optimized Workflow

• Complete Orthopedic applications - including Shoulder and Hip.
• Comprehensive imaging of Cervical Spine and Lumbar Spine.
• Advanced pulse sequences (3D GBASS, 3D STSS, FWS)
• Flash Localizer System with real time display
• LED centering device
• Full DICOM connectivity (print, store, worklist-MPPS)

Best performance

MrJ3300 redefines the standard in dedicated MRI by raising image quality to superior levels.
• 0.32 Tesla magnet
• Multi-array dedicated coils
• State-of-the-art pulse sequences for MSK imaging
• Digital platform with management of up to 16 channels

Unparalleled comfort

MrJ3300 provides outstanding patient comfort, unequaled in its category.
• Largest magnet opening
• Illuminated gantry provides a relaxing environment
• Versatile patient table - scan right or left limb
with same patient orientation
• Ergonomically designed coils and positioning accessories

Claustrophobic reactions are reduced to the minimum because of the patient friendly environment provided.



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