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( Call for Pricing )A state-of-the-art Web-based PACS, Opal-ORTHO offers the full range of advanced features




Opal-ORTHO's thin-client architecture requires only an Internet connection and browser to turn any standard PC into a diagnostic workstation. The results are significant cost savings over proprietary PACS hardware and the flexibility to work anywhere.

Opal-ORTHO supports a full range of modalities and seamlessly integrates with other software systems through DICOM, HL7 and Microsoft.NET architecture.

Pre-Operative Planning
Viztek's innovative pre-operative planning module enables selection and storage of key patient images from multiple exams into a single surgical planning patient file. Templating and other relevant surgical information also can be merged into this customizable file.

Integrated Templating
Opal-ORTHO offers digital surgical templates for fracture treatment, joint replacement and deformity correction procedures. Manipulate synthetic and prosthetic system templates and digital orthopedic images to develop precise surgical plans in advance of procedures. Streamline your time in the operating room. Complete template sets for major manufacturers are included.

Specialized Tools
Opal-ORTHO provides a full range of precise measuring tools and related features. These include distance, angle and Cobb angle measurements as well as spine labeling. Our sophisticated image viewer also provides a comprehensive selection of standard tools, such as window/level, zoom and magnify.

Advanced Functionalities and Features

  • Pre-Operative Planning Module
  • Integrated Templating
  • Distance Measurements
  • Angle Measurements
  • Cobb Angle Measurements
  • Spine Labeling
  • EMR Integration
  • Automatic Alerts Linking Prior Exams
  • Complete Support for Multiple Facilities
  • Automatic Offsite Archive for full HIPAA Compliance
  • Automated Patient Filter Designed for Multi-Physician Practices
  • Patient Demographic Interface with Modalities

Web Server capability enables you to access images from anywhere in the world.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Specifications SELLING POINTS:
1. Zero Footprint viewer
2. Ability to launch Orthopedic Templating directly from viewer or worklist
3. Fastest viewer on the market - launches in seconds
4. Ability to import CD's from outside facilities
5. Ability to burn CD's on-the-fly, anywhere, anytime, multiple patients, and create teaching
6. Bone enhancements enables the viewer to enhance the image dramatically with CR+DR studies
7. Stitching software built into the viewer
8. 3D Spine labeling
9. Each user has his/her own user name
and more! Contact us today to find out more!

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