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OrthoScan HD - Refurbished

OrthoScan HD - Refurbished
OrthoScan HD - Refurbished


Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm System

Includes The Following:
Temporary image hold: 512 images
Snapshot capabilities
Frame rate: 30fps
Automatic adaptive noise suppression
4 mode manual noise suppression
Post process brightness/contrast
Edge enhancement
Laser alignment device
Sterile field controls buttons: fluoro; rotate; A/P and lateral image hold; kV/mA (bright/dark); and print and/or save

X-Ray Monoblock:
Focal spot: 50 microns
kV range: 40 – 78kVp
mA range: 0.04 – 0.160mA
Bias capable

Image Intensifier:
CCD resolution: 1k x 1k
6” and 4” field of view
Nominal diameter: 6?
Useful entrance field size: 145mm
Magnified operating mode: 105mm
DQE at 59.5 keV(IEC standard): 65%
Conversion factor(normal/zoom): 17/9(cd.m-2/µGy.s-1)
Limiting resolution – center (normal/zoom): 55/65 lp/cm

Image capacity: 8000
Video (optional): 90 minutes

File Exchange:
DICOM 3.0 compliant with DICOM Send, Store, Print, and Worklist services
DVD burner capable
Two USB 2.0 ports

View area: 20.1”
Primary “live” image: 10” diameter
Dual secondary images: 5.5” diameter each
Resolution: 2 megapixel, monochrome TFT LCD
Built-in DICOM calibration
Height adjustable with left/right swivel
Extendible monitor arm: 27” range of motion
Monitor handles

Wired: acquire
Infrared (optional): acquire, print, save (customizable)

Free space: 13.8”
Arc depth: 18.2”
Pivot: 380°
Lateral rotate (wig-wag): 320°
Orbital rotate: 120°
Vertical range: 41”
Distance to cabinet: 60” maximum
Distance to wheel base: 40” maximum

New Paint (Complete System)
300 Point In-Depth QC Inspection
Replacement Of All Worn Parts That Don't Pass QC
New Power Supplies
New Power Cord Reel
HD Upgrade (Unit dependent)
Software Updates
New Video Cables
Calibrated To Factory Orthoscan Specifications

Includes: 1-year parts and labor Warranty & Delivery

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