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Designed to accommodate high patient volumes, the Integrity 2000 OTS maximizes efficiency and simplifies precise tube positioning for advanced imaging suites.



Integrity 2000 OTS - Overhead Tube System

The system can be configured with a tilting wall Bucky for use with a mobile table, or can be installed as part of a conventional radiology room. This flexible design has the ability to fit most room floor plans. Manual positioning or auto-tracking make the Integrity 2000 OTS perfect for hospitals, orthopedic facilities and imaging centers.

Features and Benefits

Elevating Four-way Float Top Table

  • Flat, four-way, floating top permits easy transfer and positioning of patients
  • Designed for all types of applications available in 400 and 650 pound patient capacities
  • Four-pedal design allow for easy access to table lock release
  • Collision-protection electronics and fail-safe ensure safe operation


  • Center or side mounting of Bucky makes this wallstand flexible for any patient application or installation
  • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of positioning wall receptor
  • Side-mounted handgrips help to stabilize patients during PA exams

Integrity 2000 OTS-M (manual)

  • Optimal mechanical balancing and light weight design for ease of equipment and patient positioning with precision and speed
  • Modular electrical assemblies facilitate shortened installation, calibration and service times
  • CE/CSA Listed

Integrity 2000 OTS-AT (auto-tracking)

In addition to the features of the OTS-M the OTS-AT includes teh automatic alignment of the tube with the elevating table and wallstand.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Specifications Digital Ready
Compatible with most DR solutions.

American Made
This x-ray system is developed, assembled and integrated in America.

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