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Planmed Nuance Excel

Planmed Nuance Excel

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Planmed Nuance™ and Planmed Nuance™ Excel FFDM systems represent the cutting edge of digital mammography: ultimate image quality together with excellent ergonomics and ease-of-use. In addition Planmed’s full range of accessories provides ultimate versatility for both screening and diagnostic mammography.



Ultimate image quality with low dose

  • 85 µm pixel size amorphous selenium (a-Se) direct-conversion detector provides high dose efficiency and ultimate image quality
  • Two detector sizes - 17x24 cm (Planmed Nuance) and 24x30 cm (Planmed Nuance Excel) – fit for all you need in digital mammography
  • Tungsten tube, Ag/Rh filters and ingenious Flex-AEC automated exposure control provide you with the lowest possible radiation dose for breasts of all sizes and compositions
  • Dedicated image processing

Designed for ergonomics and efficiency

  • Compact and stylish design arouses confidence and creates an ergonomic and safe environment for both the user and the patient
  • User comfort and optimal workflow performance is guaranteed by fully motorized functions, isocentric C-arm movements, and ergonomic placement of unit controls
  • Unique Planmed innovations Side Access and MaxView provide easier and more reliable breast positioning with optimized ergonomics

Versitle Options

  • Transform your FFDM unit into a diagnostic system with Planmed Nuance DigiGuide stereotactics and geometric magnification
  • Increase the confidence in soft copy reading by optional Planmed CAD


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