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Poskom PXP-40HF

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Poskom PXP-40HF

PXP-40HF  portable x ray machine offers plenty of penetration for shoulders, necks and even C-spine images as well as good contrast in all radiographic images.  Therefore,  PXP-40HF is the perfect and great portable x-ray unit for the small, large animal and mixed practitioner.




PXP-40HF is compact, Ultra-light, and a powerful portable x-ray machine. It is designed especially for the veterinary field practitioners as well as the indoor use in medical clinic and hospital. For the highest in image quality that is both cost effective and easy to use, PXP-40 HF features KVP range of 40-100 KVP, variable mA of 16mA to 35mA and its weight is under 27 lbs, ultra-light weight.

Ultra light Weight (27 lbs) and compact size
Generator: 100Khz, HF inverter type
mAs range: 0.4 to 100 mAs
Built-in Laser Pointer & Collimator
PROM memory for APR (8) data selections
LED Readout / Digital Reverse switch
Flat Touch Panel & Digital Display
Laser pointer
Scale measure for SID
(Source to Image Distance)
Flat touch panel digital display
Auto-line voltage compensation
Scale/tape for SID measurement
Standard accessory: power cord, hand switch, metal carrying case and operator's manual

Additional Information

Additional Information


Generator & Power Rating:

  • X-Ray Output      :  35mA/100 kVp
  • KVP range            :  40-100 kVp, 1.0 kV step
  • MA range            :  16-35 mA.
  • Mas range           :  0.4- 100 mAs, 25 steps
  • Max output         :  2.4 KW@ 80 kV

X-Ray Tube:                        D-124 Toshiba

  • Focal size             :  1.2mm
  • Anode Type         :  Stationary Anode
  • Heat unit             :  20,000 HU
  • Cooling rate        :  250HU/second
  • Filtration              :  0.8 mm Al.eq

Collimator :  R-120H

  • Field Size              :  5x5cm to 35x35cm
  • Lamp power       :  50 watt, Halogen
  • Filtration              :  0.5 mm, Al.eq
  • SID range             :  2.0 meter
  • Laser beam         :  Build-in Laser Pointer

Control Panel & Display:

  • KVP readout        :  LED digital, 1.0 kVp step
  • MAs readout       :  LED digital, 25 steps
  • PROM memory  :  8 technical data storage
  • Laser & Collimator:  Push On/Off switch
  • Memory Save     :  Switch for entering tech. data
  • Reverse SW         :  Display LED reverse switch

Power Requirement:

  • Input power        :  110-220 VAC, 3.0 KVA, 50/60 Hz

Weight & Dimension:

  • Net weight          :  28.0 lbs
  • Gross weight      :  48 lbs with carrying case
  • Net size                :  25cm x 20cm x 39cm

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