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Chiropractic X-Ray

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chiropractic toolsChiropractic Digital X-Ray within your Budget and Needs! Adding X-ray to your practice will increase revenue and patient retention. Chiropractic Digital X-Ray is now within your reach with our chiropractic DR, CCD and CR X-Ray suites

Hover HERE to view the list of Chiropractic Tools Included!                      CHIRO TOOLS
- Vertebral Center Cobb 3 Line
- Vertebral Center Cobb 5 Line
- Center Mass
- Atlas Plane Line
- Horizontal Deflection
- Extended Cobb's Angle
- Spinal Body Canal Ratio
- Measure from Horizontal Line
- Measure from Vertical Line
- Antero & Retrolisthesis
- Disc/Vertebral Compression- Flex and Extension
- Cervical Curve
- Absolute Rotation Angle
- Logan Basic Marking
- Gonstead Pelvic Analysis
- Ray Lines
- Horizontal Distance
- Vertical Distance
- Georges Line
- Mark’s Spot
- Center Edge Angle


Give us a call today and allow us to assist you; be it retrofitting your existing x-ray or a complete digital xray. All our Digital X-Ray or Retrofit Solutions include a full suite of Chiropractic Tools!


Experienced Consulting. Great Equipment. Competitive Pricing. Installation, Service and Support from Our Engineers in Your Area that are focused on Your Needs.


  • Build your own DR Solution
  • DR Solutions now have a 5 year warranty
  • Build your own X-Ray Solution