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Chiropractic X-Ray

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chiropractic toolsChiropractic Digital X-Ray within your Budget and Needs! Adding X-ray to your practice will increase revenue and patient retention. Chiropractic Digital X-Ray is now within your reach with our chiropractic DR, CCD and CR X-Ray suites

Hover HERE to view the list of Chiropractic Tools Included!                      CHIRO TOOLS
- Vertebral Center Cobb 3 Line
- Vertebral Center Cobb 5 Line
- Center Mass
- Atlas Plane Line
- Horizontal Deflection
- Extended Cobb's Angle
- Spinal Body Canal Ratio
- Measure from Horizontal Line
- Measure from Vertical Line
- Antero & Retrolisthesis
- Disc/Vertebral Compression- Flex and Extension
- Cervical Curve
- Absolute Rotation Angle
- Logan Basic Marking
- Gonstead Pelvic Analysis
- Ray Lines
- Horizontal Distance
- Vertical Distance
- Georges Line
- Mark’s Spot
- Center Edge Angle


Give us a call today and allow us to assist you; be it retrofitting your existing x-ray or a complete digital xray. All our Digital X-Ray or Retrofit Solutions include a full suite of Chiropractic Tools!


Experienced Consulting. Great Equipment. Competitive Pricing. Installation, Service and Support from Our Engineers in Your Area that are focused on Your Needs.


  • Build your own DR Solution
  • DR Solutions now have a 5 year warranty
  • Build your own X-Ray Solution

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  1. Straight Arm
    ( Call to Configure and Price )
    Complete Straight-Arm System Acquire Software/Computer Hardware and Monitor Standard Mobile Table On-Site Applications Learn More
  2. Digital Upright and Extremity
    ( Call for Price ) Affordable Head to Toe Digital Imaging Digital Upright and Extremity Learn More
  3. 17" Chiropractic System
    ( Call to Configure and Price )
    Proven Performance in Chiropractic Imaging - The Choice for Simplicity, Reliability and Value Learn More
  4. FDR D-EVO GL + Fixed Stand
    Achieve better patient satisfaction and reduce patient does with FDR D-EVO GL (shown on fixed stand) Learn More
  5. Rayence 1717SCG/SCC
    Rayence 1717SCG/SCC Tethered Flat Panel Detector - fits into standard cassette trays. Learn More
  6. FPH HYBRID FLATPANEL for Chiropractic, Veterinary and Private Practice
    True Flatpanel 17 x 17 DR, made Wireless and Tethered, all in one device. Learn More
    Fast & Reliable 17x17 Cassette-Sized Tethered Cesium DR Solution for Chiropractic and Veterinary Applications Learn More
  8. ViZion DR+ Wireless Flat Panel GOS Digital Detector

    ( Call for Price )

    Konica/Viztek’s new ViZion DR + panels come in several different configurations ideal for various applications. The DR panels offer high quality images within seconds of exposure and come standard with Konica/Viztek’s tested Opal-Acquire software.

    Learn More
  9. C-DR Chiropractic Direct Digital Imaging System
    20/20 C-DR’s 14x17 sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on an acquire computer workstation within 10-12 seconds from exposure. It is adaptable to most existing x-ray systems with our universal grid cabinet. Learn More
  10. ViVIX-S
    ViVIX-S is a Vieworks’s flat panel digital radiography system with the large field coverage area of 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector. Learn More

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