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Refurbished OEC 9800

Refurbished OEC 9800
Refurbished OEC 9800 C-arm


Refurbished OEC 9800 C-arm

Refurbishing Process:
All OEC-9800’s go through a multistep refurbishing process. Each unit is restored to a like-new status. Pain Management, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Services are just a few of the applications utilizing the refurbished OEC-9800 c-arm. The rotating x-ray tube allows for greater penetration and resolution for the lumbar area when doing needle localizations or other work involving the thicker anatomical areas of patients. For barium swallows a VCR or Digital Video Recorder can be utilized for better record keeping and post study analysis. The 1K X 1K CCD Technology used in the OEC-9800 image system allows for crisp, clear imaging. Whatever the purpose, a refurbished OEC-9800 will deliver the results you can depend on.

Mechanical repairs/cosmetic maintenance
• All defective parts and covers are repaired or replaced
• C-arm is completely disassembled and repainted
• “C” is removed from main frame assembly
• Horizontal arm removed, inspected and repaired as necessary
• Vertical column removed and bearings removed inspected and replaced as required
• X-ray tube removed and inspected for artifacts and internal integrity
• Image intensifier removed and inspected for any imperfections and grid integrity
• Camera removed
• Wheels removed, cleaned and or replaced from main chassis
• Chassis inspected for structural defects and repaired as necessary
• Vertical lift assembly is tested for drift and adjusted/replaced if necessary
• All bearings are inspected, cleaned and re-lubricated, or replaced as needed
• Control panel display is tested and replaced if necessary
• All wheels are inspected and lubricated and/or replaced as needed, with new cable pushers installed
• All locks and brake assemblies are inspected, cleaned, and repaired or replaced as needed
• C-arm is completely disassembled and repainted
• Steering is tested and adjusted is required
• Foot switch and hand switch provided on each unit
• A complete set of operator and service manuals are provided

• All components sent to C-arm reassembly area for rebuilding
• “C”, Image tube and camera, Vertical column, main control and power cable installed
• New batteries are installed
• New CRT monitors installed in monitor cart
• Monitor cart rebuilt
• When C-arm is completely rebuilt mechanically system is sent for calibration and final testing

• Image intensifier and X-ray tube are tested for stability and balance
• Image intensifier is tested for resolution and gain to be within OEM specifications
• X-ray tube bearings are tested for noise and coast time
• X-ray tube filaments and stator windings are tested
• X-ray tube radiation output is verified to be within OEM specifications
• X-ray generator high voltage tested
• Maximum dose rate is set in compliance with government regulations
• CCD camera calibrated to OEM specifications
• X-ray beam is aligned for each field size
• C-arm is tested for current leakage requirements
• All monitors are aligned, resized, centered and focused
• All monitors are adjusted for brightness and linearity
• Video system is optimized for gray scale and resolution
• All power supplies are tested and calibrated or replaced as necessary

Additional Information

Additional Information


Technical Specificaitons Generator
• High frequency generator 15kW full-wave
• Up to 120 KVP and 75MA for radiographic exposures
• Continuous fluro-mode up to 20 mA
• One shot frame integration (low, medium, high)
• Full power from standard 110V 15A Or 220V 8A outlet
• Patented energy buffer design X-Ray Tube
• Rotating anode X-ray tube
• Focal spots: 0.3 - 0.6 mm
• 300,000 HU Anode heat capapcity 


Physical Specificaitons
• Free Space in Arc - 31”
• Depth of Arc: 26”
• Arc orbital movement: 115 Degrees
• Left/Right wig-wag scan:
+/- 20 degrees
• Vertical Travel: 18” motorized
• Horizontal travel: 8”
• Lateral rotation: +/- 180 degrees


C-arm Dimensions
• Length: 75.9”
• Height 69.9”
• Width: 33”


Workstation Dimensions
• Width: 27”
• Height 64”
• Depth: 27”

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