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Vascular Table with Fowler

Vascular Table with Fowler

• Dual towers & electric fowler makes 70° reverse Trendelenburg a reality.
• Effective standing and full weight bearing foot boards.
• No more sitting on the floor to scan.



Vascular Table with Fowler

115° Standard and Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning, 25 degrees Vascular Tilt(Note: Backrest can be tilted another 30 degrees to produce an effective 70 degrees of useful Vascular tilt), Backrest angle 75 degrees Maximum (For patient safety - not recommended to use more than 30 degrees when using full Vascular tilt), 4" Locking Casters, Paper Roll Holder, Side Rails, Patient restraint straps, Integrated Foot Boards (split, drop away), Electric Fowler, Four Function Hand Control (Height, Trendelenburg, Fowler, Vascular)

Recommended for:
• Abdominal & superficial structures exams
• Musculoskeletal exams
• Venous reflux studies
• Biopsies
• All other vascular exams

Not recommended for OB/GYN exams, breast exams or cardiac exams.

At last a reflux table designed by vascular technologists and ergonomists!
• Dual towers & electric fowler makes 70º reverse Trendelenburg a reality
• Effective standing and full weight bearing foot boards
• Split drop foot board makes non-weight bearing scans safe and easy, no more sitting on the floor to scan
• Elevate the upright table to reduce/prevent technologist bending to reach lower extremity veins
• Head rest and pad for carotid studies provides comfort and access for patient and sonographer

Additional Information

Additional Information


Top Dimensions
- 2 Section Fowler 34" (86 cm), Seat 38" (97 cm)
- Top Width: 30" (76 cm) or Option: 27" (69 cm)
- Top Length:  72" (183 cm)
- Height Range:  23" - 40" (58 cm - 102 cm)

Padding and Fabric
- Foam: Multi-Layer 3"
- Fabric: Terratouch

Patient Weight Capacity
· 600 lbs. (272 kg.) - carbon fiber top

Table Weight
- 452 lbs. (205.023584 kg.)
- Shipping Weight: 544 lbs (246.754048 kg)
- Shipping Dimensions:  99" x 37" x 39"

- Hand Control (H, T, V)*
- Trendelenburg 15°
- Revers Trendelenburg 40°
- Integrated Foot Board (split, drop away)
- Patient Safety Strap
- Side Rails (2)
- 4” Locking Casters
- Paper Roll Holder

Table Options
(must be ordered with table)
- Central Base Locking System (Note - pedal is standard at the foot end)**
- Patient lift compatable base (25" - 41" Height Range, can not be used with central base locking)
- Foot Control (H, T, V)*.
- Adjustable Access/Back Support-Left
- Adjustable Access/Back Support-Right
- Sliding Cardio Panel-Manual 30"W, left side only (maximum opening 15")

Additional Accessories
- Table Extender 12" L x same width as table
- US Detachable Arm Board
- Accessory Mounting Plate (Head end only)
- T-rail adapter

· 3 years parts, 1 year labor

FDA listed, cETL approved, CE marked

* Control Key:
H = Height
F = Fowler
T = Trendelenburg/Reverse
V = Vascular
C = Cardio, Electric

**Not  compatible with Central Base Locking System

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