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Vaultara is an innovative software startup, seeking to transform the way healthcare facilities share medical images with one another and with patients. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Excelsior, Minnesota, Vaultara’s focus is improving patient care by keeping sensitive health data secure and allowing organizations to exchange medical images effortlessly.


Image sharing software that’s simple, secure, and affordable

Vaultara allows you to maintain complete local control with a self-hosted image sharing solution. Your facility can send and receive studies to and from any hospital, clinic, patient or legal counsel at a moment’s notice, without the use of CDs. 

No IT Downtime

Avoid IT headaches, downtime, or migrations with a smooth, remote install to get up and running. This supremely easy implementation process puts no strain on IT resources or budget. 

No Cloud Vulnerabilities

Manage swift image transfers while keeping sensitive data safe behind your firewall.

No Incremental Costs

Unlike cloud solutions whose costs can fluctuate wildly with use, Vaultara allows for an unlimited number of users, recipients, and transactions. There are no hidden costs, study-size limitations, or overage charges. 

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